Things To Check When You Buy A Down Camping Blanket

21 October 2022
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If you're camping during the spring or fall, one of your biggest concerns will be feeling cold in your tent. When it's chilly, it can be difficult to warm up—which could affect how much you enjoy your trip. Packing a few different items that will keep you toasty and warm is important, and something that should be on your list is a down camping blanket. You can buy these blankets in several different sizes at your local camping equipment store and online. The insulative quality of the down can warm your body, even when the outdoor temperature is low. Here are some things to check when you buy a down camping blanket.

Overall Weight

Some people like thick-down blankets, while others favor those that are thinner on their bodies. Whatever your preference, it's important to compare the weight of a few different blankets that you're considering buying. The weight can vary from blanket to blanket and is especially important if you don't always drive directly into your campsite. If you sometimes have to hike a long distance before you pitch your tent, a lightweight down blanket will be easier to carry than a heavier one.

Water Repellent Coating

Down blankets aren't water resistant, but you'll find that many of these blankets are treated with a water-repellent coating on their shell. Even though it won't be wet in your tent, this feature can be valuable. For example, if you want to wrap yourself in the blanket while you sit near your fire, you won't have to worry if it starts to rain. With a water-repellent shell, you can easily wipe the water away so that the blanket is dry when you need it at night.

Travel Bag

When you look at different down camping blankets for sale, you'll see that some are sold on their own and others are sold with a travel bag. This is a waterproof bag that is specifically sized to hold the rolled-up blanket. While this option will cost you a little more than buying the blanket on its own, it's worth the money because it makes the blanket easier to travel with. Instead of trying to cram the blanket into your backpack, for example, you can strap it in its bag to your body before you hike to your campsite. To shop for a down camping bag before your next camping trip, browse an online camping store.

For more information, contact a camping blanket manufacturer near you.